Our Clients

Reyes Holdings

A family-run, holding company that ranks as the 12th largest privately held company in the United States operating in North, Central and South America, as well as Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

ENGS Commercial Finance

ECF is one of the oldest, most respected and largest finance companies in the U.S. We have been the lender of choice for dealers, manufacturers and small to mid-size Truck, Trailer & related equipment operators since 1952.

Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc

Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc is a Global Brokerage for Commercial Insurance, Employee Benefits and Risk Management Solutions.

National Enterprise Systems

A full-service debt collection solution offering a wide range of accounts receivable management services.

Geneva Capital, LLC

Geneva Capital is a full-service provider of equipment financing. It's focus is on providing competitive and creative financing to the fitness, screen printing, embroidery, digital, sign, awards and engraving markets.

Lease Corporation of America

Small ticket lessor that focuses on providing competitive and creative lease programs for dealers, distributors and manufacturers of various commercial equipment located in Troy, MI. Since inception, LCA has booked and serviced over 88,000 leases, with an original equipment cost of over $1 billion. Over 5,000 various dealers of equipment have successfully funded a transaction with LCA.


SQAD has been providing media cost solutions for nearly 40 years. Originally launched in late 1970, SQAD’s current systems originated out of the confidential contributor-based methodology, SQARE which was developed by SQAD in the early 1990’s. SQARE receives actual media cost data from agencies and media buying companies and processes data that is based on actual buys for the current quarter.

Neff Rental

Neff Rental provides construction companies, golf course developers, industrial plants, the oil industry, and governments with reliable and quality construction equipment that is delivered on time where it is needed. With more than 1,000 employees operating from branches coast to coast, Neff Rental is ranked by Rental Equipment Register (RER) magazine as one of the nation's largest equipment rental companies.

Home Run Inn Pizza

Home Run Inn is a restaurant chain known for their Chicago-style pizza as well as frozen pizzas. Home Run Inn pizzas are made from their original family recipe created in 1947 by Mary Grittani and Nick Perrino. They take great pride in serving the highest quality products to their customers. Home Run Inn pizzas are made with all-natural ingredients and do not contain preservatives.